Acquisition and Disposition

Purchasing and Selling Commercial Property for the Best Possible Terms

Whether you are buying or selling commercial property in the Orlando or Central Florida area, there are factors that are both critical and numerous to consider. Our years of experience providing acquisition and disposition services give us the advantage to quickly determine the value of property holdings and negotiate on your behalf for the best possible terms.

Our Services Include:

A 360-Degree View of Property Management

Forness Properties believes in a full 360-degree view of property management strategy and financial reporting schedule to help manage your real estate assets. We work closely with every client to develop a comprehensive strategy.

24 Hour / 7 Days Emergency Line

At Forness Properties we understand property management requires 24 x 7 vigilance. For properties to be secure, our emergency line gives our clients confidence and peace of mind.

Total Life Cycle Property Management

Forness Properties manages the total life cycle of acquired property from acquisition, control, accountability, responsibility, maintenance, and utilization through disposition.